Turn Cash Into Bitcoins In 15 Minutes With Cashintocoins.com – Interview with Founder Will Wheeler

Will Wheeler, founder of Cash Into Coins (cashintocoins.com)

Will Wheeler, founder of Cash Into Coins (cashintocoins.com)

Millions of people in the US and around the world are learning about and exploring Bictoin and Bitcoin services.

The basic functionality needed to start your experience is to open a Bitcoin wallet to store, send, and receive the digital currency, but one of the problems is to actually acquire the first Bitcoins.

Advanced services like Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Mt.Gox are great for more sophisticated customers who open an account and manage their investments, but what about a fast and practical way to buy in a matter of minutes without the “verification” and “know your customer” waiting periods?

The solution is Cash Into Coins. The service is organized for and capable of executing a buy transaction in as little as 15 minutes. This is because it is registered with federal and state authorities to act as a dealer where they don’t intermediate between clients or hold your funds.

It is a practical solution that is having huge success as Will Wheeler, founder of the company, explains in this interview.

We spoke about:

- Will’s background.
- What is Cash Into Coins?
- How does it work?
- Who are their target customers?
- What region do they cover?
- What is their licensing status in the US?

Please watch the video below:

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One thought on “Turn Cash Into Bitcoins In 15 Minutes With Cashintocoins.com – Interview with Founder Will Wheeler

  1. I liked your page.  Its pretty catch.   Heres my story.  I wanted to put it on a webpage like you did with your story, but lack the skills.     Anyways good job on the page.!       I had some one steal my laptop, which had all of information on it and also had a wallet with well over $300,000 worth in bitcoins. My laptop was stolen back in April, right when it was beginning to soar. I had written everything down on paper and had it in the laptop case which they took too. I looked for a verification email and it was no where to be found. I am so depressed about this. Right now I am in a struggle losing my home to foreclosure, never did I think I would miss out on an opportunity like this. Its like winning the lottery, but losing your ticket. Sighhhhh……… Now… all Ive got is an empty wallet. 16syUE7aoGTM6BTvn1N9zf6UUCcUcRaHfLI dont even want to mention how much time I spent online searching for my wallet. Sucks!