Charlie Lee Talks About Litecoin, Bitcoin, And Coinbase

Charlie Lee: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Google, and Coinbase >>>

Charlie Lee: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Google, and Coinbase >>>

Charlie is the creator of Litecoin, the other digital currency that is gaining popularity. A week ago he moved from his position at Google to Coinbase to dedicate himself 100% to the business of crypto-currencies.

Coinbase is doing something really important by bringing bitcoin to the mainstreem consumer through easy-to-use services like the Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase is like a PayPal for the bitcoin currency platform.

In this interview Charlie was kind enough to talk about his background, vision for Coinbase, and digital currencies in general. I asked him about these things:

1) His background: from MIT to Google.
2) Why did he create it and what is Litecoin? What is the difference with Bitcoin?
3) Why Coinbase and what will he work on? Will Coinbase be multi-currency?
4) Will other services like Wealthfront, Motif Investing,, Check, Google Wallet, etc. adopt digital currencies at some point?
5) Will traditional banks and brokers adopt digital currencies?
6) Will digital currencies occupy a primary or secondary roll in the future of money?

Please watch the interview below:

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7 thoughts on “Charlie Lee Talks About Litecoin, Bitcoin, And Coinbase

  1. I think all currencies are moving to these platforms. Bitcoin and Litecoin are 2 currencies and with Ripple everything is integrated with traditional currencies too. Peer-to-peer money will be the future (and the process of change is accelerating fast).
    It will be a mess with so many wallets though!
    Also I need all merchants to adopt these currencies so I don’t go to Chase any ore!

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  3. Today, Oct 24, bitcoin is selling for around $200. For someone just getting involved and looking to make a wise investment, would you buy bitcoin today hoping the price will rise, litcoin, or the ripple currency?

  4. How can I buy litecoin from the u.s. I have tried but all suggested methods are shady. I need a way to buy litecoin with paypal