Yoni Assia Talks About eToro And His Vision For Global Social Trading And Investing [Video Interview]

eToro already surpassed the 3 million user mark globally. With this mass of traders around the world connecting and sharing their trading activity and investment opinions it is no wonder the social investment network is a case study for M.I.T academics.

They are analyzing “The Wisdom Of The Crowds” and have been able to confirm that social trading delivers better returns than doing it alone.

But eToro is not only enabling higher returns for its users, it is doing so by connecting investors everywhere in the world. On its platform you can see from a Canadian sharing what he bought to a Cypriot copying him for his own account.

Like this eToro is empowering and enabling traders and investors in many ways and in this interview Yoni talks about the platform, its purpose, and what is his vision for social trading:

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eToro Social Trading >>>

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2 thoughts on “Yoni Assia Talks About eToro And His Vision For Global Social Trading And Investing [Video Interview]

  1. What eToro is doing is very impressive, they have had massive growth since they launched a few years ago. I know they are adding a number of different stocks to their platform soon which should help them attract an even wider demographic of users. I wonder how long their platform can continue to grow at it’s current rate. It always great when companies have a CEO whose so passionate about the product like Yoni is, he makes for a great brand ambassador.

    • Yoni also is very open to technology adoption and to use social tools like Google Hangouts, video, Youtube channel, to communicate with users. In general companies are very uptight about controlling their communications. eToro is very open (from my standpoint this shows flexibility in an environment that is very variable)